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Non Profit Organization Registration, NGO Registration Online

NGO (Non-Government Organisation) is an organization that works for non-profit/ charitable purposes. In India, NGO is an umbrella term for all non-profit organizations including Trust, Society, and Section 8 Company.

The main purpose of creating a company as a section 8 company is to promote non-profit objectives like trade, commerce, arts, charity, education, religion, environment protection, welfare, sports, research, etc. The profits/incomes of the corporate if any, are applied towards promoting the objectives of the organization and don’t seem to be distributed as dividends to its shareholders.

A minimum of two directors is required if the Section 8 company is to be incorporated as a personal Ltd. , and a minimum of three directors just in case of incorporation as a public Ltd. . the utmost number of members is 200 just in case of a private Ltd. , whereas for a public Ltd. , there’s no such limit.

NGOs can be registered in India under the following laws:

  1. Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882
  2. Society under Societies Registration Act 1860
  3. Section 8 Company under Companies Act, 2013

Also, there’s no requirement of minimum paid-up capital just in case of a section 8 company.

Benefits For NGO Registration

Privileges and exemptions under Company Law.

Exemption on Minimum Paid-up capital.

Exemption of Stamp duty for registration.

Non-application of Companies Auditor’s Report Order (CARO) 2003.

Registered partnership firm can be a member in its own capacity.

Tax deductions to the donors of the Company u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Requirement for Registration

1.Digital Signature(Director Identification Number[DIN])

2.Shareholders(Minimum 2 for Private Limited Co. & 7 for Public Limited Co.)

3.Directors(Minimum 2 for Private Limited Co. & 3 for Public Limited Co.)

(Note: The Directors & Shareholders can be Same Person)


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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • Is NGO eligible for Government funding ?

    An NGO is eligible for Government funding after 3 years. Although, in some special cases, an NGO can get Government funding even after 1 year if its project gets approved.

  • Can government employees or officer be a member of NGO?

    Government employees or officers can be part of NGOs provided the NGO is not anti-government.

  • How many types of NGO's are there in India ?

    There are 2 types of non-profit NGO. One is Trust and the other is Society.

  • What are the primary posts involved in an NGO ?

    An NGO has basically 3 min posts which that of a President, General Secretary and Treasurer. You can also have a Vice President if the situations are required.

  • What is CSR ?

    CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. These are voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

  • What are other alternatives to start non profit organizations ?

    You can start a club, a volunteer service and etc…

  • How to register an NGO organization ?

    You can easily do NGO Registration by hiring us. Just press the call button and get assistance with our executive.

  • What are the minimum members required to register an NGO ?

    The minimum members required to register an NGO is 3.

    For Society you must have a minimum members of 7 from seven different states of India.

  • How many days it to takes to register a NGO ?

    MoA and AoA of the Society takes about 8 to 10 days for drafting. Thereafter it takes about 2 months for the entire NGO Company registration

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