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There are several occasions when an individual or an entity must take an action against another person or an entity. The several occasions are often consumer complaint, property dispute, check bounce, divorce, eviction and lots of more. However, it’s important for you to tell the opposite person who you’re getting to initiate an action against them. that’s the rationale, you send a legal notice to an individual or an entity. A legal notice is filed as per Section 80 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and is merely filed in civil cases.

What is legal notice?

A Legal notice may be a formal document sent by an individual or an entity with reference to some grievance. it’s sent as a warning to the receiver that the one sending the notice have certain grievances which aren’t properly taken care of by the receiver, although the receiver has given enough opportunity to the receiver to resolve the matter.


It is sort of a final warning to the receiver that the sender is all prepared to initiate an action and it’s the ultimate opportunity for the receiver to resolve the difficulty in hand properly.

Legal Notice

When to send a Legal Notice?

There are numerous reasons that you’ll send a legal notice to an individual or an entity. However, the foremost common ones are:

  • Disputes associated with property like mortgage, delayed possession delivery by the builder, eviction of the tenant, the partition of family property, etc.
  • Notice to the employer for wrongful termination, unpaid salary, violation of any right of the worker by the employer, etc.
  • Notice to the worker for violation of the HR policies, harassment act at the workplace, leaving the work without delivering the resignation letter, violation of any provision of the utilization agreement, etc.
  • Notice to a corporation manufacturing or providing service of faulty products, faulty services, false advertisement, etc.
  • Notice within the case of cheque bounce to the issuer of the cheque.
  • Notice just in case of private conflicts like divorce, maintenance, child custody, etc.

How to draft a Legal Notice?

A legal notice is actually a notice sent by an advocate on the behalf of his/her client. it’s not mandatory for an individual to send a legal notice through an advocate, he/she can send a legal notice on his/her own accord without the help of an advocate.

It is not even mandatory to send a legal notice as there’s no specific provision/enactments of law that make it mandatory to issue a legal notice before filing a suit.

A legal notice is usually issued by an advocate on behalf of his/her client for the aim of soliciting a settlement. it’s issued either to simply accept the settlement or to reject it altogether so as to avail a lawsuit or legal remedies.

A legal notice format must contain the following points:

  • Name and required information
  • Description
  • Place of residence of the notice sender
  • Aspects of the effect
  • The monetary relief claimed by the sender of the notice
  • The gist of the legal basis for the relief claimed

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